Transim Provides Electrical Designers Flexible, Quick and Easy Online Design Solutions


At Transim Technology, our vision is to provide a better experience to electrical designers with quick and easy online design solutions.

Our business structure supports this vision by offering a wide range of design applications and unique software modules, making it very flexible to create your own design center.

Design Center:

Provides customers with...

  • Parametric Product Selector
  • Adaptable design algorithms
  • Powerful and Accurate Simulation Models “Thermal/Electrical”
  • An online platform to Create, Save and Share designs
  • Modeling/Publishing your Models “Content Creation”

Analytics and Reporting Business:

Transim provides a complete analytics and reporting management system. It helps our customers build their own reports using our system and it also gives alerts through emails.

Automotive Power Simulation:

A web-based simulation tool contains multiple modules to cover the needs of automotive power industry “Motors”

Document Portals:

Managing a large number of catalogs or documents, this system allows you to manage millions of documents and manage search and retrieve data with high performance.

Hardware Management Business:

This business allows you to manage your hardware (Ex. power supplies) through web application and provide you with lots of capabilities to build a routine to automate managing hardware.


Wade Hanna Wade Hanna
Technical Solutions Manager
Eslam Eslam Ghanem
Professional Services Project Manager
Khaled Khaled Mohammad Khairy
Software Development Manager
Alhassan Alhassan Samir
Application Engineer