Supply Chain Survival Guide: Procurement in the Age of Supply Chain Challenges


The following is a recording of the webinar that ran on:
Date: Wednesday, July 20, 2022
Time: 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Welcome to SiliconExpert’s webinar series Supply Chain Survival Guide, where we explore new thoughts, ideas, advice, stories of the past, and predictions of the future. In this series, you’ll learn from experts and industry leaders on how you can overcome the next big challenge in supply chain management, so you can be better equipped to survive and thrive within the dynamics of the modern supply chain.

In this episode: Procurement has become the epicenter of the 3rd year of the pandemic with covid closings, raw material shortages, talent gaps, supplier attrition, inflation, and a European conflict.

This Webinar will explore:

  • Drivers – Digital Transformation & Increased Agility
  • Process – Managing Preferred Vendors, Selection Criteria and Process, & On-Going Management
  • Insights – Bill of Materials. Part Risks, Supply Chain Management, & Crosses and Replacement Parts
  • Transformation - Moving from email & excel to platforms & acceleration
  • Future – Automation, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence


Ed Ed Lavalette
Senior Product Manager

Prior to joining SiliconExpert as a Senior Product Manager, Mr. Lavalette served in several product, technology, and customer leadership roles for innovative high-growth cloud-based solutions in the telecom, imaging, real estate and software testing industries. He recently served as Manager of Product Delivery and Quality at ConnectBase, where he led the development of a Configure, Price, Quote tool used by 90% of the leading telecom providers in the US.