A Summary of 2021’s Most Important Regulatory Compliance Updates in Under an Hour.


Attendees of the webinar will learn more about the following:

  • Global PFAS regulations in EU, U.S. and Canada
  • TSCA, PIP 3:1 deadline extension and New Rulemaking on 5 PBT Chemicals
  • Proposition 65 Label Changes and newly added substances.
  • SCIP Dissemination Portal launches and its importance for consumers, competitors, and the public.
  • EU REACH (Jan and July 2021) Candidate List Update.
  • UKCA Deadline Extended to 2023


headshot_hani3.png Hani Elkotory
Senior Product Manager

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Engineering, Hani has been with SiliconExpert since 2000, developing new solutions, processes and tools. His focus today is on building new solutions for the electronics industry that enables customers to adhere to environmental rules and regulations and avoid production delays.
tamer_head_shot2.png Tamer Saeed
R&D Deputy Manager

Bachelor Science of Electronic Engineering, from Banha University, Egypt. And at SiliconExpert since 2005 with more than 8 years experience in Research and Development covering various areas (Environmental, Manufacturing, Design, Risk, Parametric, and more) to improve SiliconExpert Business through improving the existing products and developing new services, products and solutions.