P⁵ Foundations: BOM Manager Overview I - Ep06


Date: Tuesday, August 16, 2022
Time: 10:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time


  • Upload a BOM  

    • We will show the process of uploading a BOM and talk through steps to correctly upload BOMs
  • My BOMs 
    • We will show you how to manage all your uploaded BOMs 
      • Ex. Rename BOMs, move BOMs, create new BOMs, add BOMs to projects, etc. 
      • Generate reports across multiple BOMs  
    • Search for CPN or MPN across BOMs; access Where Used reports


Jacob Barry
Regional Sales Manager

Jacob Barry is a Regional Sales Manager and Team Lead at SiliconExpert. He's responsible for all new customer acquisitions and strategic engagements for the Americas Northeast territory - as well as sales enablement and leadership within the Regional Sales Manager team. Jacob prides himself on building personal relationships with his clients, to help them create a bespoke solution to enhance their overall process of illuminating risk and strategic part selection. He has helped approximately 200 new customers gain access to SiliconExpert's database to maintain a competitive advantage in this volatile environment over the last two years. One of his top skills is the ability to articulate the most technical issue in the simplest form, so customers have a clear understanding of how to use and/or implement our data. In his early days with SiliconExpert, he supported all of our Military, Aerospace, Automotive, and Medical customers. This allowed him to help support their very specific use cases and become an asset when helping these kinds of companies evaluate our offerings. Jacob graduated top of his class at Merrimack College with a degree in Business Management. His professional work history includes consumer electronics and entrepreneurship background.
Ashley Ashley Webster
Manager of Global Customer Experience & Account Management (Americas)

Ashley Webster leads the SiliconExpert Global Customer Experience and Account Management for North America. She believes that customer experience is the foundation for success in any company, and is working directly with customers to make sure their experience with SiliconExpert is nothing less than the best. In addition to her current role, Ashley has worked in sales as an Account Manager and has also worked cross-functionally with product, marketing and sales on the P5 Platform launch and sales and customer enablement. Ashley holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship from Endicott College.