Eliminating Component Data Silos – How to Enable a Company-Wide Component Data Platform


As your products are designed, manufactured, and shipped to your customers the electronic components that drive your devices play a major part in your success or failure. From functionality, to cost, form factor, and delivery choosing the right components upfront in accordance with your overall business and product objectives is crucial.

All your innovation, planning, and careful design can be quickly undone by a single piece of silicon. Join EMA and SiliconExpert to learn how component data is used throughout the organization from design, to purchasing, and manufacturing. Our experts will walk you through the key stakeholders and show you how to avoid common (preventable) issues that occur when your component data is not available to all stakeholders.
Vernon Densler Vernon Densler
Senior Technical Fellow, SiliconExpert
Vernon Densler is Senior Technical Fellow at SiliconExpert. He has been with SiliconExpert since 2018 and previously spent 18 years at Northrop Grumman as both a Systems Engineer and Manager in charge of Obsolescence Management and Spares & Repairs. Vernon holds a BS in Computer Information Systems, Management from Florida Institute of Technology. Vernon frequently speaks at industry events and symposiums, where he is able to use his experience in the Parts Management field to assist in furthering best practices and the Parts Management discipline.
Shannon Henry Shannon Henry
Technical Marketing Engineer, EMA
Shannon Henry is an Electrical Engineer from Rochester Institute of Technology and has been with EMA as a Technical Marketing Engineer since 2017. At EMA, she specializes in educating users on the features and capabilities included in Cadence and EMA technology through tutorials and videos to enhance their ECAD designs.
Ed Clark Ed Clark
Business Development Director, EMA
Ed Clark is a business development director with EMA Design Automation. He has over 30 years of experience as an IC Package and PCB Systems Designer.